This is Norman

23, marzo 2012

He goes back into the parlor with a mystified expression. The sound of Mary moving about her room come over, soft SOUNDS, somehow intimate in the night quiet. Norman turnshis ear from the direction of the SOUNDS, seems to be fighting an impulse to listen, or more than listen.

But slowly, he is forced to surrender to the impulse and, resisting himself, he goes to the wall, presses the side of his head against it. The SOUNDS come louder, as if we toohad our ear pressed against the wall. Now Norman looks at a picture hanging on the far end of the wall he is leaning against. Slowly he starts toward it.

He reaches it, touches it, reluctantly lifts the small frame off the wall.

A tiny circle of light hits Norman’s face, coming from the hole in the wall behind the picture. This end of the room is very dim and thus we are able to see clearly the light striking Norman’s face. We move close to Norman, extremely close, until his profile fills the screen. The tiny spot of light hits his eye. See the small hole through which the light comes. Norman peeps through.


Through the hole we look into Mary’s cabin, see Mary undressing. She is in her bra and halfslip. She stoops over a bit, places her hands behind her upper back, begins to unhook her bra.


He watches as Mary removes her bra. We see his eye run up and down the unseen figure of Mary.


Mary, just slipping into a robe, covering her complete nudity.


He turns from the hole, faces us for a moment, continues turning until he can look out the small parlor window.

We see, as he sees…

Este es un clip sobre el vouyerismo de Norman Bates. He estado trabajando en otro pequeño proyecto llamado Norman, y justo en esta escena se resume una de las ideas principales. Esto apenas va iniciando así que hay pocas entradas aún. Ya veremos cómo se desarrolla.

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